Meeting Minutes |June 8, 2020

In attendance:  Jeanie Zamarripa-Lee, Jennifer Lieb, Jessica Bills, Cali Ence, Scott Hutchinson, Nikki Hartman, Krista Granshaw, Alison Stone, Stephanie Myers, Elaine Tronic

Dining Night out:  Papa’s Pizza; check to still be picked up.  Panda Express yielded about $50.00.  

Cookie Dough: Thank you to volunteers for the drive through pick-up.  New cookie dough vendor this year,  Next year we need to text and let parents know for pick up of the kids who just got prizes.  Only 4 parents who didn’t respond.  Delivered about 4-6 who didn’t have transportation.  

Book Fair:  Hosted online one in the Spring.  PTO received a donation from the Rotary Club.  This was an optional online book fair and we still don’t know how much we raised.  Scholastic laid off over ½ of their employees so delivery is proving to be slow to families.  

Volunteer Coordinator Report:  Thank you for the volunteers that helped with cookie dough pick up.  

Treasurer’s Report:  YTD $4,527 in revenue.  Cookie dough fundraiser, raised less than expected due to COVID and school shutting down.  PTO funded over $8,700 in classroom enrichment funds and funded 3 field trips this year.  

President’s Report:  Board met with the new Principal Angela Tran.  Still don’t know how next year will go and solidifying the budget based of what next year will look like for classrooms and field trips etc.  Construction is on track and should be completed ahead of scheduled date.   Still a lot of “don’t know’s”.  

Board Elections:  

Secretary:  Nomination for Elaine Tronic.  No other nominations with Elaine accepting the nomination.  Attendees all in favor, and approved.  

Communications Officer:  Nomination for Jessica Bills.  No other nominations with Jessica accepting the nomination.  Attendees all in favor, and approved.

Volunteer Coordinator:  Nomination for Cali Ence.  No other nominations with Cali accepting the nomination.  Attendees all in favor, and approved.  

Treasurer:  Kessa Williams nominated (not in attendance).  No other nominations.  Attendees all in favor, and approved.  

President:  Stephanie Meyer nominated.  No other nominations with Stephanie accepting.  Attendees all in favor, and approved.

Open positions will remain open.  Notice will be sent out announcing the officers and positions they hold.  

Meeting adjourned.