The Treasurer‚Äč shall receive all monies of the PTO, keep an accurate record of the PTO receipts and expenditures, and pay out funds in accordance with the approved budget as authorized by the PTO. The Treasurer shall present a current financial statement at every PTO meeting of the members. The treasurer shall be responsible for ensuring the filing of annual reports to the Internal Revenue Service and other governmental bodies as required by law.

Being on the PTO board, I’ve gotten to know teachers and staff in different grades and specialties. Being involved in PTO helps our family feel like part of the Beaver Acres community.   For treasurer, much of the work is done from home on my own time.  This allows me to contribute even if I can’t volunteer during school hours. The other board members are very helpful with any questions, so I had plenty of help getting up to speed with new-to-me software and activities. 
Seeing the numbers definitely makes me appreciate all the hard work that students and families put into fundraising!
– Elaine Tronic

The PTO Treasurer keeps track of our budget and reimbursements. They keep their hand on the pulse of the PTO’s finances. If you love numbers and spreadsheets this position is for you.