Meeting Minutes – Thursday, October 8, 2016

Beaver Acres Elementary School
PTO Meeting Minutes
Thursday, October 8, 2015

Board Attendees:

Christina Hall, President
Amy Kraft, Vice President
Mercedes Dillon, Treasurer
Beth Ellington, Volunteer Coordinator
Whitney Lyons-Brasier, Secretary (Absent)

Additional Attendees:

Stephanie Castillo
Romeo Castillo
*Additional Attendees will be added*

Old Business:

  • Introductions
  • Principals Report-Carrie Ferguson:
    • Big numbers is Kindergarten
    • Hired a substitute teacher as the sixth kindergarten teacher
    • 5th Grade also has high numbers
    • Sara Widmere to provide a list of all of the new teachers information with status
    • Ferguson will provide a list of the number of children in each class
    • Shine started this week
    • Walkie Talkies were given to all bus drivers
    • The Shine schedule is posted on the wall for the children as opposed to the lanyard schedule they had in the past
    • Both Stacy and Carrie meet with the Shine coordinators each week to discuss the program and address any issues that may have arisen
    • Beaver Acres received the Future Ready Grant!
  • Teachers report – Sara Bryant and Sarah Widmer:
    • Student Body Fund is practically depleted
    • New Believe to Achieve Shirts cost $2,400.
      • The PTO is willing to contribute $1,200 to the purchase of the shirts contingent on how well we do with our first fundraiser
    • Revenue for the Student Body Funds comes from the Student Store
      • Need to boost the Student Store by addressing days and times it is open, where the money goes, etc. in the monthly newsletter
  • Treasurers report/Budget – Mercedes Dillon:
    • Discussion on what can be stricken from the budget
    • Each grade has an amount allocated for an event or field trip
    • In the past, extra teachers fund money that was not used was carried over to the transportation fund
      • Transportation expenses are estimated to be $250 per day per bus
    • The goal with field trips is to try and not have the children pay
    • Reimbursements start after the 1st fundraiser once the first round of deposits have been made at the end of this month (October)
    • Each student’s name needs to be written on all checks turned in for fundraisers or spirit wear and an additional record of all check information needs to be kept
  • Bylaws – Whitney Lyons-Brasier:
    • We shall leave the 2nd Vice President position and Christina shall post about the available position on social media
    • Committees: Beth has people who are interested in volunteering for specific committees. She will sort them and e-mail them
    • Christina will ask Tammy is she can do the regular audits
    • Refer to notes on Bylaws attached
    • We shall vote on proposed changes at November meeting
  • Box Tops – Catrina:
    • So far, we have turned in $267.30 in box tops.
    • Catrina will collect the 1st three weeks of each month
    • Only three teachers had box tops
    • Catrina to type memo to teachers re box tops
    • Catrina to set dates for box top competition between the classes
  • Open Floor for Parent Ideas – Romeo Castillo
    • Would like to see an agenda that handles new business at the beginning
    • Would like children more involved
    • Take care of the Facebook issues
    • Come up with solutions re money
    • Need something that sticks out and makes parents want to be involved
    • Parents need more input
    • Shake meetings up and put a sign out front
  • Art Lit:
    • Monique would like to get reimbursed as soon as possible. We told her we do not do reimbursements until the deposits from the first fundraiser are made, but we will make sure she gets reimbursed by the first week in November
  • Cookie Dough Fundraiser:
    • Assembly is October 12th at 8:45 am and 1:45 pm.
    • Goal is to bring in $11,500 for the school
    • We make 40% of all sales
    • Sale runs until October 30th
    • Cookie Dough is delivered December 7th
    • We need to come up with a system to remind parents such as stickers on children
    • If we meet our goal, we need to schedule the school wide assembly and limo rides immediately
  • PTO Picnic and Movie Night:
    • Went well.
    • Next event, we need to assign someone to run equipment
    • We will do one in the spring
    • We should look in to an annual permit

New Business:

  • Movie Marathon Program:
    • Catrina explained
    • We have tickets in our possession
    • We earn $3 from each ticket sold
    • Flyer needs to translated into Spanish
  • Jog-A-Thom:
    • We would like to order t-shirts for all children
    • Potentially have a design contest between 5th graders
    • Cheapest shirts found so far for 900+ students was $5,000
    • We need to think about sponsorships
  • Dining Nights Out:
    • Amy is setting these up
    • November dining night out is at Sweet Tomatoes
    • December dining night out is at Out of This World Pizza
    • January dining night out is at Old Spaghetti Factory
    • Flyers should go out 2 weeks before event
  • PTO Newsletter:
    • Should we do this?
  • Volunteer Opportunities:
    • We need help counting money from cookie dough sales
    • We need help with disbursement of cookie dough
    • Book fair volunteers are set

Next meeting Thursday, November 12th  @ 6:30pm