Meeting Minutes – Thursday, November 12, 2015

Beaver Acres Elementary School
PTO Meeting Minutes
Thursday, November 12, 2015

Board Attendees:

Christina Hall, President
Amy Kraft, Vice President
Mercedes Dillon, Treasurer
Beth Ellington, Volunteer Coordinator
Whitney Lyons-Brasier, Secretary

Additional Attendees:

Dan Lemke
Valerie Rojas

  • Welcome
  • Open Forum (10 minute limit)
    • Volunteer Badges Discussed
  • Principals Report-Both Principals Absent
  • Teachers report – Sarah Widmer:
    • Widmer to provide excel spreadsheet of new teachers
    • New hires were happy with extra money and say thank you to PTO!
  • Treasurers report/Budget – Mercedes Dillon:
    • Bank of the West account is now closed
    • Taxes are to accountant
    • Updating October Budget
  • Volunteer Opportunities – Beth Ellington:
    • A few book fair positions available
    • Will need help with cookie dough disbursement
      • 4-5 people
      • 5th grade leaders may be able to help

New Business:

  • Committee Chair Volunteers Needed – Christina Hall:
    • Relieve planning at meetings
    • Carnival and Jog-A-Thon
    • Widmere to give Rock Creek Jog-A-Thon prize list
  • Events to add to PTO Calendar – Christina Hall:
    • Dances?
    • Movie Night in Spring
    • Mom and Son night/Father and Daughter
    • Talent show
  • Schedule Fundraiser Prizes – Christina Hall:
    • Won’t know if we hit goal between 16th – 20th of this month
    • Low participation
    • Limo, popcorn party and 3 assemblies in one day
      • Christina to call Karen and schedule limo ride right away
  • Carnival – Christina Hall:
    • We have a committee chair
    • Rock Creek is having a carnival tomorrow (November 13th)
  • Additional Discussions not on agenda – Everyone:
    • PE Teachers purchased a blue tooth speaker for $300. They would like to know if we approve the additional $300 in addition to the $100 they each received.
    • 5th graders have not come close to meeting cookie dough goal
      • Should we hold them accountable?
      • What should we do so this doesn’t happen in the future?
        • Fundraiser, letters home, specific dining night out?
      • There is an issue with Biz Town Transportation
        • District won’t let us use school buses due to shortage of drivers
        • 5th grade may need $2,017 for transportation
        • 1st fundraiser pays for Biz Town
        • Biz Town reduced admission for us because of transportation costs
        • Biz Town transportation reimbursement has been submitted in the amount of $2,017

Old Business:

  • Box Tops – Catrina (Absent)
  • Dining Night Out – Amy Kraft:
  • Out of this World Pizza, December 2nd
  • No more Sweet Tomatoes
  • Papas Pizza – February 9th
  • McMenamins – Not responding
  • Pastini – Amy getting application
  • Art Lit – Christina for Monique
    • Christina read Monique’s e-mail
    • Need Co-Coordinator
  • Bylaws Vote – Whitney Lyons-Brasier:
    • Refer to bylaw notes attached


Next meeting Thursday, December 10th   @ 6:30pm