Meeting Minutes – Thursday, March 10, 2016

Beaver Acres Elementary School
PTO Meeting Minutes
Thursday, March 10, 2016

Board Attendees:

Christina Hall, President
Amy Kraft, Vice President
Mercedes Dillon, Treasurer
Beth Ellington, Volunteer Coordinator (Absent)
Whitney Lyons-Brasier, Secretary (Absent)

Additional Attendees:

Carrie Ferguson, Vice Principal
Sarah Bryant
Daniel Lemke

New Business:

  • Introductions
  • Principals Report-Carrie Ferguson:
    • Kindergarten Open House was a success
    • 130 New Kinders forecasted
    • Career Day went well on March 3rd. Over 30 careers were represented
    • Seuss week was fantastic – 3 giveaways were sufficient as prizes
  • Teachers report – Sara Bryant:
    • Arts for Smarts planning is going well so far
    • No raffle this year but silent auction instead with minimum bid
  • Treasurers report/Budget – Mercedes Dillon:
    • First Tech redid computer system
      • 1 month behind posting due to this
    • Need to recruit another assistant treasurer as Daniel will only have 1 year left at Beaver Acres
  • PE Equipment Needs:
    • PTO “Ok’ed” request from Mr. Linder to use Campbell’s Soup Points to buy PE Equipment
  • Committee Positions & Treasurer:
    • We need to heavily recruit for positions for next year
    • April meeting will be focused on recruitment
    • May meeting will be elections according to bylaws
    • Christina gave a list of positions and we need to edit and send suggestions – she will e-mail electronic version
  • Jog-A-Thon:
    • Need name
      • Suggestions: “Beaver Boogie Dash” and “The Beaver Dash”
    • No name finalized
  • Volunteer Appreciation:
    • Week of April 11th
  • Nominations/Elections:
    • April meeting focused on filling positions
    • May meeting elections will happen
  • Community Request:
    • ISL teacher wanted to use the PTO Bingo Kit
      • PTO voted OK
  • Cookie Dough Fundraiser 2016-2017:
    • Moving to springtime 2017 since the jog-a-thon is going to be in the fall of 2016
    • Only selling cookie dough and no other items
    • Goal is to make enough money on jog-a-thon and not have cookie dough fundraiser

Old Business

  • Box Tops:
    • $666 check cut for April
  • Art Lit:
    • No updates
  • Dining Night Out:
    • McMenamins was a success – $2,400
    • Pastini was March 7th & 8th
    • Papa’s Pizza is April 12th
      • Flyers to go out the week of April 4th in teachers boxes
  • Carnival:
    • Christina showed us sample letter for asking for donations for the carnival – to send electronic form in order to personalize
  • Movie License:
    • PTO needs to vote if we want to buy a movie license to show movies for either $500/year or $128/movie
    • Anytime a teacher shows a movie they are supposed to have a license
    • Christina is checking with principal to make sure the school does not already have some sort of movie license in place