Meeting Minutes – Thursday, June 9, 2016

Beaver Acres Elementary School
PTO Meeting Minutes
June 9, 2016

Board Attendees:

Christina Hall, President
Amy Kraft, Vice President – Absent / No longer on the board
Mercedes Dillon, Treasurer – Absent
Beth Ellington, Volunteer Coordinator
Whitney Lyons-Brasier, Secretary

Additional Attendees:

Daniel Lemke
Sara Bryant
Sarah Widmer

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Open Forum (10 minute limit)
  • Teachers report – Sarah Widmer & Sara Bryant:
    • $450 towards 1st grade field trip transportation (Approved)
    • Thank you for hard work on PTO
    • Request from Mrs. Monterrosi for unspecified amount for storage bins. Christina will ask for further details and get back to the group
  • Treasures Report/Budget – Mercedes Dillion- Absent
    • Budget is behind and Mercedes is handing everything off Whitney
    • Reimbursements thru June 17th After that, they will forgo their reimbursement.  We need to send out an e-mail to all teachers

Old Business:

  • Beaver Dash Recap – Christina Hall:
    • Brought in twice as much as last year and goal was met and passed
    • Would like sponsors to pay for t-shirts next year
    • Get teachers shirts
    • All prizes awarded
    • Wii party and popcorn/ice cream parties will be held next week
  • Dining Night Out – Christina Hall
    • $442 from Burgerville
  • Box Tops – Christina Hall:
    • Nothing to report

New Business:

  • Calendar 2016/17 School Year – Christina Hall:
    • Back to School Picnic – September 23rd (Need to figure out screens)
    • Back to school packets – Stuff somewhere between August 29th & September 1st
    • Jog – A- Thon – October 5th or 12th
    • DNO (Papa’s Pizza) – October 25th
    • Movie Night – November 18th
    • February – Cookie Dough Kick off & McMenamins DNO
    • March – Delivery of Cookie dough; Dr. Seuss Birthday Week is March 1st. Movie Night March 3rd
      • Tammy Heerwagen (Mother of soon to be 3rd grader) would like to help with Dr. Seuss week
    • April – Arts for smarts (April 27th) and Burgerville DNO (April 5th)
    • May – Carnival (May 12th) and Teachers appreciation (1st week of May)
    • June – Field Day (7th or 14th)
  • Budget – Christina Hall:
    • We will have subsequent meeting


  • Continue to meet on the 2nd Thursday of each month
  • We need to have a PTO social (Maybe combine with back to school day)
  • Garden – Need someone to manage
  • Awning for parent pick up suggested
  • Price out pop-up tents
  • Widmer to speak to Shine about seed starters
  • Widmer to speak to 5th grade teachers to sell stuff
  • Widmer to contact Kingston’s mom to see if she would like to volunteer with the carnival
  • Christina will take over SCRIP