Meeting Minutes – Thursday, December 10, 2015

Beaver Acres Elementary School
PTO Meeting Minutes
Thursday, December 10, 2015

Board Attendees:

Christina Hall, President
Amy Kraft, Vice President (Absent)
Mercedes Dillon, Treasurer (Absent)
Beth Ellington, Volunteer Coordinator
Whitney Lyons-Brasier, Secretary

Additional Attendees:

Dan Lemke
Kurt Linder
Stacy Geale
Ryan Hoxie

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Open Forum (10 minute limit)
  • Principals Report-Stacy Geale
    • Future Ready Grant
      • 5th Grade Beaver Leaders
        • Beaver Acres TV
        • Sonie’s old office will be the recording studio
        • Using devices as instructional tools
        • In library moving away from traditional set-up to lounge areas for devices and reading
      • We have 788 students
      • A lot of coming and going
      • Looking forward to winter break
  • Teachers report – Kurt Linder:
    • Track
      • Went through meetings and have committee
      • Need to get a community improvement “ok”
      • The idea is not dead
      • Grants need to be written
      • We do not have to partner with THPRD
        • Track would be in area that does not interfere with baseball field
      • We would be assigned a case manager
      • To get project approved and engineering estimate it would cost approx. $5,900
      • 9 other schools have a track in BSD
      • Committee has not met yet this school year
      • Track would be $60,000 – $70,000
        • 1/8 of a mile
        • 4-5 lanes
        • Field inside
      • Track would cost $1.3 million for field turf option
  • Future Ready Night – Ryan Hoxie:
    • January 14th from 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm Kick off event
    • A few teachers at each grade level using devices daily
    • Each innovator teacher will open doors to see what they are doing in class
    • Washington County Sheriff will be speaking about internet safety
    • Comcast and Brain Boosts will also be there
    • Library will be introducing new spaces
    • Children will be explaining what they are doing
    • There will be a passport to get stamps from all events which can then be entered into a raffle for tablets and chrome books
    • PTO will put info out on Facebook
  • Treasures Report/Budget – Mercedes Dillion (Absent)
    • Reports via e-mail we are balanced
  • Volunteer Opportunities – Beth Ellington:
    • Need help with Popcorn on Friday
    • Jog-A-Thon – May 18th
    • Carnival – April 8th or 15th
    • Arts for Smarts – April 28th

New Business:

  • Carnival – Christina Hall:
    • Admission is free
    • Cake Walk – Sell tickets?
    • Popcorn
    • Pizza
    • Sno-cones
    • Cotton Candy
    • District has pre-approved
  • Dining Nights Out (McMenamins) – Christina Hall:
    • Cancelled Old Spaghetti Factory
    • Earned $125 from Out of this World
    • McMenamins is set for February 2nd
      • Advertise 6 weeks ahead
      • 5-9pm
      • Cedar Hills Location
    • We need to present flyers and table tents at beginning of January
    • McMenamins asked that we try and encourage people to go in shifts
    • Money back to school counts for everyone eating that night
      • 50% of sales
      • Includes take-out
    • We will not have a dining night out in January
    • We will do burgerville or Papas pizza
    • Betty the Beaver should be at McMenamins
    • Teachers should sign up to come
    • Posters
    • Flyer in newsletter
    • 4th/5th graders to make signs
    • Shine instructors remind children
    • Make clean, shareable post on FB
  • Talent Show – Christina Hall:
    • No talent show this year so we can support carnival
    • Indoor movie night instead – MARCH 4th!
      • Popcorn is ok
      • Seuss movie
  • Jog-A-Thon – Christina Hall:
    • May 18th is the Jog-A-Thon
    • Need volunteers to serve kids when done
    • Need volunteers to count laps and prepare tables
      • Scheduled by specials
    • Need to get the word out that this is a fundraiser
    • Incentives
      • Wii with the principal
    • T-Shirts for kids
      • Sponsors?
      • Sarah Widmere researched prices
      • $2.80/shirt for 3 color print on white
      • 5th graders submit design for Jog-A-Thon shirt
    • Set goal and if it is met them the kids get certain prize
    • We will send home pledge packets
    • Next school year, Jog-A-Thon will be in October
    • Sarah Widmere to get sponsorship sheet from Rock Creek
    • We vote yes on holding contest for 5th grade shirt designs
      • Can be individual or group
    • Send sponsorship form in newsletter and home with all students
    • Christina to e-mail Sarah W.
  • Co-Treasurer Needed – Christina Hall:
    • Mercedes not continuing
    • Need someone this year to follow what she is doing
    • Daniel could do it but he is leaving as well
      • If he did help he would be able to help document
    • Ask Karen to put something in bulletin

Old Business:

  • Box Tops – Catrina:
    • $137.50 from October
    • Shaw had 468 box tops
    • Haven’t done November
    • Soup Labels
      • We no longer have an account and we don’t know if it went through
      • Can purchase art supplies, iPad, sports equipment, etc.
    • Box tops pay out twice per year
  • SCRIP – Christina Hall:
    • Gained a women outside of school who placed a $2,300 order last month
    • We earn approx. $100/month
    • Link on FB to form
    • Orders due Tuesday at noon then disbursed Thursday or Friday
  • Spirit Wear – Hall:
    • Change companies to one that offers online orders (only during certain periods
      • Myshirtbin
    • Switch before spring order if they cant do online ordering