Meeting Minutes | March 9, 2017

Request for funds:

Mr. Hoxie: $2,205 for leggo robotics that can be used for the whole school.  12 units from Leggo direct.

Teacher Report:

Sara W:  Needs a report of what teachers have what funds left.  Soni thinks she has $600 as a budget line item to spend on the Library things.  Dan to check to see if that is still on the budget.  Kate Carter (school psychologist) would like $48 for a therapy program Zones of Regulation.  Approved.  Lori Engdahl would like to know if teachers are expected to spend money on carnival games.  Can PTO get tag board boards sized big enough to write the title of the game on. 35 boards.  Have Christina forward the parents who signed up during STEM night to Mrs. Widmer.  At the April meeting we need to plan what games go where with a map.  Might need bags for kids to hold their prizes in.   Create a passport for kids with spot to stamp for each game.  1 prize for each, but you want to do the game again, you do not get a prize.

Treasurer’s report, Dan:  In order to get Dan on the Account, all signers need to be present at the bank.  Dan has most he needs from Whitney, still sorting things out for now.

Cookie Dough:  Sold $32,000

Dining Night out: Burgerville, Dan will go in this weekend and double check if there is a date planned.