Meeting Minutes, June 8th, 2017

Principal’s Report-Stacy: 2 new PE teachers starting in the Fall.  Rob will be moving onto the new Elementary School and Kurt is retiring.  Also hired a new Learning Specialist for the Resource Room.  Counselor position open and 2nd and 3rd.  Finished with SBAC testing.  Ron from Tigard Music was here today working on the new system.
Teacher’s Report-Sara:
Treasurer’s Report-Dan: Request for funds:
Sally Doughty; magazine subscription wanting $660 for 420 Kinders for next year.  PTO votes yes to cover this request for the 2016/17 school year but moving forward it will have to be considered into the $1,000 pool.  Beyond the $1,000 it will be considered “special request”.
Mental Health Materials-Kate Carter; 201.90 for a workbook, anger control card game, etc…Approved by PTO.
Sara Bryant; Bus money for Field trip to Zoo approximately $400.  PTO Approved.
Mrs. Monterossi; Risers are outdated and difficult to maneuver. Quote for $800 per section, $3,200 total.   Speakers are outdated in ISC room.  Stacy says ISC classes will be taught in the gym with the new speakers and shouldn’t be an issue.  Instruments $455.  This is tabled until Stacy cant chat with music teachers and staff about how to move forward.
Next year budget for Enrichment Funds will be $12 per student and additional $1,000 per grade for field trips and such.

Budget for 2017/18 handed out at meeting and approved by all former members and new members.  Final version of the budget will show line item for Enrichment funds per grade level when we know for sure how many will be in each grade.

volunteer Opportunities-Beth: Field Day; Sign up is out.  3 people all day, 11 people in the morning, 6 people in the afternoon.

Old Business:
Carnival Re-cap-Christina: Christina would like to send out a survey type letter to teachers to see what worked and what didn’t.
Field Day-June 14th-Christina: Need to contact movies on TV for Donation. Make signs for food and treats. Breakfast will be needed for middle school volunteers. Christina is getting breakfast and Red vines.