Meeting Minutes 5/3/17

Open Forum:

Principal Report-Stacy:  Thank you for attending and volunteering for Arts for Smarts.  Earned about $8,500 as of now.  All the money earned goes to classroom libraries.  Things in the garden are coming up.  Classes are using it for learning about plants and growing.  Still want parents to be thinking about early release next year.  Wednesdays, students will be getting out at 1:35pm.  Will start the 2nd week of September.  FAQ’s have been updated on the website.

Teacher’s Report-Sara/Sarah: No teachers in attendance

Treasurer’s Report-Dan: Tax returns are not in the 2nd extension.  Should be done by Friday by the accountant.  Leggo education robots are ordered and in route.  Burgerville fundraiser $387.97.  Box tops check was deposited for $530.00.  Currently $34,000 approximately for the end of the year.

Volunteer Opportunities-Beth: Carnival help email has been sent out.

Guest: Ron from Tigard Music (for gym sound system): Current PA system is about 20 yrs old.  Phase 1 quote $2,011.90.  Phase 2 includes 2 new wall speakers and included install parts.  $1,373.90.  PTO approved Phase 1 and 2.  Kurt and Rob will get back to us if they need a 100v system and connections that will be a necessity.


Old Business:

Carnival:  Gym is intended to be a drop off point for materials and needed for popping popcorn and extra food prep.  If people need to drop off booth materials before carnival day to go on the stage to be stored.  Need another 3-4 volunteers to help food prep at 1:00.

Request for Funds: Kindergarten teachers would like a Mooshie Smooshie bean bag chair.  1 for each $63 each.  $315.00 total, added 1 more for Mrs. Rosenquist’s office.  Board approved.

New Business:

End of year movie:  June 9th, Trolls.  Outdoor weather permitting.  7:00-8:00 picnic and social hour.  Movie start at 8:00pm

Field Day:

Beaver Dash Shirts:  Sponsorship form would like to go out before the beginning of next year.

Board of Directors:  President Melanie Kutter, co-president Heather Jesperson, Treasurer- Shaunta Jones, Secretary Jen Lieb, Volunteer Coordinator Beth Ellington.