Meeting Minutes 2016-10-13

Principal Report-Toni: Early Release for Teacher Collaboration time in Fall of 2017. District will add 2 instructional days to the calendar. Early release will be every Wednesday at 1:35. Time will be used for teachers to collaborate and have professional development. Students will have more days with there teachers, fewer days with substitutes. Next year there will be 4 extra days of instruction as a result. A webpage is on the district site with frequently asked questions about this. Ideas for after school care for this day, as of now is site based and the district is not in charge of figuring this out. You can find early release information under District news on the BSD web page. Why on a Wednesday? It typically has the least scheduling conflicts with after school activities and sports. With new security measures in place now, everything is going well now, and people are getting used to it. Letter went home yesterday about lice. This is the annual notification letter but there has been 2 unrelated cases. If there is 3 or more unrelated cases, then they will send another letter home. 5th grade parents need to start thinking about option schools if that is something they are interested in. We will see if we can get representatives from some of the schools to come to next PTO meeting to speak on behalf of their school to interested parents.

Teachers Report– Sara B/Sarah W: Nothing to report

Treasurer’s Report– Whitney (not in attendance) We switched banks and the new account is opened. Currently using both banks until we can completely transfer over.

Volunteer Opportunities– Beth: Movie night in November and Scholastic Book Fair in December.

New Business

Beaver Dash-Christina: Money is still coming in. Prizes will be tallied. Total as of now is $21,878. What we could do better next year, better communication on what to do as a volunteer (where to go, what to do, how to tally). The ups and down of marking the shirts was too hard for volunteers. Next year we will move the tally box to the top of the shirt. Maybe next year we have sharpie colors for the tallies. Next year we will start requesting shirt sponsorships earlier to allow more time. Allow more time to collect and get donations by kicking off 2 weeks before. Prizes will be announced and handed out Monday. Otter Pops will be handed at end of the day Monday. Possibly have Beaver Leaders help hand out.

Box Tops-Christina: Dollie Gogos will head up program.

Website-Dan: Nothing to share

Widmer Class Service Project-Sarah: 3rd grade class brainstormed a project to do. They would like to provide a treat basket for the volunteers at the computer that will get changed out. They are seeking $50 to supply the gift basket.
Beaver Leader Beautification Project-Sarah: 4 fifth graders are working on a letter to PTO for their project is to beautify the courtyard. They would like to put together a Saturday clean up day to tear some stuff out and put some veggie boxes and planters in. Kids will try and come to the November meeting to talk more about it.

Directory-Kellie: Do we want printed or electronic directory? Printed. We had a great turn out for the directory this year. Aimed to go out in the Fall. Kellie will send out a reminder to turn forms in.

Purchase Request: Need new laminator. $2,000 Revisit this for next meeting.
Dining Night Out-Christina:

October 25thPapas Pizza. Good all day, you have to have a flyer, good for dine in or take out. Flyer on PTO website, Christina will call to check if digital photo is acceptable.
Movie Night-November 18th. 3 options The Good Dinosaur, Wreck it Ralph, Finding Dory. Seeing about getting 5th grade to help sell concessions.
Scholastic Book Fair-Christina: 1st week of December. 2-9th.
Bulletin-Christina: Can we track volunteer hours to thank them in the bulletin. Alison will email Beth and Christina for information to add to school bulletin.
SCRIP-Christina: Picked up first SCRIP order today.  Pick a handful of items on the form to highlight to make ordering easier. Grocery stores, Subway, Starbucks, Amazon, Regal, Columbia, Visa, Target, Mcminamins, Burgerville, Papa Murphys. Chinook Book, do we want it to be a 5th grade fundraiser or keep it on the SCRIP order form?
Carnival-Christina: Want to have it but need the man power to make it happen. Put together a half sheet to have teachers give to parents that talk about possible carnival and seeking committee members.