Meeting Minutes | October 10, 2017

Beaver Acres PTO Meeting
Beaver Acres Cafeteria


  1. Called to order at 6:36pm
  2. Minutes are approved
  3. Agenda is approved
  4. Acknowledgement of previous board
  5. Principal’s Report
    1. conferences next week, will go through goal setting with teacher. and find out reading and math levels. Teachers get to hear about kiddos.
    2. thank all volunteers for Beaver Dash.
  6. Teacher’s Report—Sarah Bryant and Sarah Widmer
    1. kids had a great time at Beaver Dash
    2. kids enjoyed voting for movie night
    3. Teachers excited about organization of PTO
  7. Treasurer’s Report
    1. as of September 30th, beginning balance $4,499.34, spent $6,263.94, deposited $3.023.18, balance $1,258.58
  8. President’s Report
    1. website, how to access
    2. Clock-in to website, through my volunteer page, sign in, and log hours
    3. Meets once per month with Stacy and Toni
    4. Halloween—Tuesday, no dress up allowed. Crazy sock day for Halloween
    5. Alternative Dr. Seuss Week—literacy ideas to focus on that portion. Not full week of school since during conferences this year. No dress up/mustache/etc. Teachers may choose to do in own classroom—speak to teacher directly
    6. Coffee with PTO once per month in the morning. 9-10 am in cafeteria
    7. school dance ideas. Easy theme that’s inclusive, zumba/swing dancing
    8. canned food drive, Ducks vs. Beavers
  9. Open Forum
    1. Beaver Dash—all donations online don’t need to turn in envelope
  10. Old Business
    1. Beaver Dash—$17,682 donations and family sponsorship is $25. Can put kiddo’s names or family name on every Beaver Dash Shirt
    2. Dining Night out—Papa Pizza tomorrow!
    3. Teacher Conference Meals—date changed to October 18th. If like to help please send Heather an email.
    4. Volunteer Drive—Ashley is co chair. she will be doing a bulletin board around it and figure out ways to make it small
  11. New Business
    1. Beaverton Library Outreach Program Offerings—sick, won’t be here this week. New outreach program that’s offering new programs where go out into schools/daycares and promote reading.
    2. Student Directory Update—waiting for spreadsheet from office, October 15th is the deadline to turn in forms. Hope to have it done next month.
    3. Volunteer Sign up Process Feedback—few parents at Beaver Dash say they had problems signing up for volunteering. Reminder since times overlapped. Important to sign up so thank you can be sent out.  Revamped website a bit.
    4. Book Fair Update—One book fair chair, Kayla, December 1st to December 8th. One late night for parents who can come in after work and purchase books. Rest of days are during school hours and come in during specials. Every class gets to come to book fair. Might have a second later evening shift. If there are any others that want to chair please let Heather know.
    5. October Movie Night—can vote in class and on website. Need someone to help chair it, need to be there at 2pm to start popcorn. Movie starts at 7pm, doors open 6:30pm
    6. Board Positions to Fill—moving some around and looking to update bylaws.
      1. 8 people interested in a board position, come see Heather.
      2. Looking to start community outreach officer who reach out to diverse communities,
      3. Jennifer will move from secretary to treasurer.
      4. Nisha is moving to Secretary.
      5. Looking to add communications officer.
    7. Reimbursement request—Ms. Monterossi. Music supplies/fieldtrip.
      1. 56 5th graders and 32 4th graders who are forming a choir.
      2. February 21st, 1st grade, Dr. Seuss musical March 22nd is a 3rd grade musical.
      3. April 26th possible 4th and 5th concert.
      4. 5th grade choir field trip.
      5. Fine arts fundraiser—community garage sale where everything is a $1. Around Valentine’s Day.
      6. Enrichment programs: maker space, technology lab, science taught in classroom, Lego robotics, intramural, instruments in 4th/5th.
      7. Choir concert December 16th 6pm for 4th/5th. Passing bucket around at concert.
  1. Adjourned at 7:29pm